Voted 8th Most Influential Person in UK Dentistry,

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Youngest in the top 10!¬†Every year, Dentistry magazine (one of the leading UK dental publications) has a poll, which is voted by dentists, nurses, hygienists and public alike. The idea of this poll, is to see, just who is steering UK dentistry. Who are the m overs and shakers, and who really makes a difference to the health of the nations teeth. Usually, the most prominent names, such as the Prime Minister, the Chief Dental Officer and the President of the BDA appears in the top 10. This year, and I have no idea how, I was voted 8th! I couldn’t believe it! It appears, that I have alot of supporters in dentistry, who seem to listen to what I have to say! ( My mother finds this quite unbelievable!) I guess its down to being very active on social media, always finding the time to speak to anyone who needs my help or advice (I still feel strange giving advice, more about this in another blog), and working everyday in a field I truly love. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, I am touched, and eternally grateful!


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