The Dayton Peace Agreement 1995 Ended The Conflict In

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First, the day-to-day approach to crisis management, which had marked the Clinton administration`s strategy towards Bosnia, had lost virtually all credibility at the political level. It was clear that events on the ground and decisions made in Allied capitals and on Capitol Hill were forcing the government to look for an alternative to sausage. The immediate objective of the agreement was to freeze the military confrontation and prevent its resumption. It has therefore been defined as a “construction of necessity”. [11] But a ceasefire is no small feat in a war that has killed tens of thousands of civilians. For many Bosniaks, no matter how black things will be, For this reason, Dayton will always be better than nothing. For Reuf Bajrović, the former Bosnian energy minister, the deal is the worst deal, beyond all these likely alternatives. In the end, the riddles dayton left us with remain acute: how to quickly end a war without compromising a country`s peaceful development after the war; how to negotiate with leaders while ensuring justice; and how to provide international aid without creating international protectorates. . . .

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