Value Of Stamp Paper For Contract Agreement In Pakistan

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The purpose of this requirement is to prevent one of the parties from inserting a false or modified page at a later date. It prevents fraud in the application of the Treaties. It is difficult for a party to change the content of an agreement once. In case of modification or rectification, in a single word or in a single letter, both parties must initialize the place where they modified or corrected the word or letter and affix the stamp of the company. If the contract is signed between two people, both parties must put their initials and thumbprints on each page. This law protects the parties to the documents against falsification. These preventive measures will be very useful when a dispute arises between the parties and the case is the subject of a dispute. According to settled case law, the court may automatically verify thumbprints and signatures [PLJ 2005 Lahore 1011] Unless it is not mandatory to register an agreement under the Contracts Act, Indian Registration Act or any other law in force in India, you are not required to register documents. However, it is possible that you have entered into an oral agreement in the first instance and would like to have it registered after a certain period of time. To do this, you need to execute an agreement on the previous date on a stamping document with a new date. Since the law generally considers oral agreements to be valid agreements, you can first enter into an oral agreement and then confirm it in a later, written and registered document. Unless such a document is to be registered by a provision of a law, it is quite legitimate for you to recognize an agreement on the previous date on a stamp with a new date without legal complications.

But if you did something to deceive the government or take away a duty or penalty under the Indian Stamp Act or another law, you can be punished. If you have an old stamp paper, you can perform one of the following steps: The document date is 29.02.2012, the document date is 15/02/2012 and the registration date is 29/02/2012. Is this valid? Although the use of an old stamp paper is valid after six months after the purchase, it is preferable that you deposit it with the collector within six months and get your refund from him, or that you use it as soon as possible. It is very risky and expensive to use waste stamp paper for retrograde contracts, but it can be used for new agreements under current legislation. In the future, the government plans to limit the validity of stamp papers to only 1 year. It can remove stamp papers on paper and introduce stamp papers to make the process more transparent and avoid any loss of revenue for the government. If you still have old stamp papers with you, it`s best to either use them or drop them off. This article was written by Harsh Jain.

With degrees in LLB and LLM, Harsh NET, JRF, is qualified. Harsh has successfully passed Rajasthan Services Judicial Services, Main Examination, Gujarat Services Judicial pre, SBI Specialist Officer Scale II online exam and many other competitive tests. Many of its students are placed as ADJ, JMs, MMs, teachers, APPs, etc. In addition, Harsh is aiming for a degree in Entrepreneurial Administration and Business Law from NUJS, Kolkata….

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