Telus Mobility Service Agreement

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At the end of your fixed-term contract, your service will continue from month to month and all equipment rental discounts you have received for the lifetime (for example. B a free PVR rental) will end. 55. TELUS is not responsible for informing third parties of a suspension, limitation or termination of your account, including, but not just for third-party services, goods or information. In the event that your account is terminated, TELUS is not required to send unread or unread messages to you or others, or to maintain messages, information or other content related to your account, and you recognize that all of these messages, information and content may be deleted immediately. Without restricting the universality of the above, you recognize that if your account is terminated, all email and web addresses relating to your account can be immediately deleted and/or assigned to other customers. TELUS policies regarding the handling of customer emails in the event of suspension and termination of customer accounts are available on the Services website. 18. You recognize and accept that by using the wireless functions of the Services, access to the Internet or any other online network or service carries certain risks that may allow other service users or Internet users to access your computer system or service account. You should take all appropriate security precautions if you use these wireless features, including, but not limited to encrypting your network, installing a firewall and antivirus solution, selecting secure passwords, allowing computers and pre-admitted users on your network, and disabling computer file-sharing functions when you move your computer away from your home network. TELUS is not liable or responsible for claims, damages, losses or expenses related to the use or misuse of the Services` wireless functions, including, but not exclusively, those resulting from your use of file sharing, print sharing or other functions that may allow others to access your computer, network or transfer content.

All TELUS services, including TV, Internet and Home Phone, are available for a month-to-month contract. 1. TELUS has the right to amend the terms of this Agreement, with the exception of changes to certain important terms of the contract, including data usage limits, monthly commitment fees, duration of the commitment and cancellation fees (the “key contract terms”) that we will not change during your commitment period without your consent. TELUS may, however, change the most important contractual terms during your commitment period without your consent if the change is a reduction in the rate of an individual service or an increase in compensation or speed of use for an individual service at the same price. If you do not have a commitment deadline or your commitment period has expired, TELUS reserves the right to make changes to important terms and will provide you with at least 60 days in advance before doing so. Discover the difference between fixed and monthly agreements This is an agreement between you and TELUS Communications Inc.

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